Rental Terms and Conditions


Article 1: length of stay: The client signing this contract for a fixed term may in no circumstances maintain occupancy for any reason.

Article 2: Conclusion of contract: The reservation becomes effective when the client has sent us a 30% deposit of the total stay, and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on the front. The second copy of the contract is to be retained by the customer. Prices are all inclusive, tourist tax included.

The lease agreement between the parties can in no way benefit even partially to third persons or entities without written agreement of the "Moulin de Serres".            

Article 3: Cancellation by the client: Any cancellation must be notified by letter or e-mail addressed to "Moulin de Serres".

Cancellation policy: If you cancel your stay:

  • a) If the cancellation is more than 24 hours before arrival, the deposit is forfeited to the "Moulin de Serres.
  • b) If the cancellation is less than 24 hours before the arrival date, the total amount of the reservation is forfeited to the "Moulin de Serres".
  • c) If the client does not arrive before 19h on the scheduled day of arrival the contract is cancelled and the room can be let, and the full amount will be charged.
  • d) In the case of a shortened stay, the total amount of the stay will be charged.

Article 4: cancellation by"Le Moulin de Serres": "Le Moulin de Serres" will pay back the full amount.

Article 5: Arrival: The tenant must provide the exact date and time specified in this contract. In case of late arrival or delay, the customer must notify "Le Moulin de Serres"

Article 6 : tax : The tax is a local tax that the customer must pay to the provider who then pays the treasury.

Article 7: Use of premises: The client must respect the peaceful character of the premises and to use it for its intended purpose. They are obliged to leave the room in good condition.

Article 8 : Helicopter : permission to land a helicopter must be given in advance by the owners Catherine and Gilles LAFONTAINE

Article 9 : Capacity : This contract is for a specific number, which is 2 people.

Article 10 : Pets: Pets are not allowed, in the event of non-compliance with this clause by the customer, "Le Moulin de Serres" may refuse animals. This refusal cannot be considered a modification or breach of contract by the owner, so that if the client leaves, no refund can be considered.

Article 11: No Smoking: Smoking It is not allowed in the rooms of the "Moulin de Serres". This refusal cannot be considered a modification or breach of contract by the owner so that if the client's leaves, no refund can be considered.

Article 12: Insurance: The tenant is responsible for all damages caused by him, and should be insured for this.

Révision du 25 novembre 2012.